We make every reasonable effort to ensure that all information and patterns are correct at the time of publishing, however errors do occur. Please find any corrections to patterns below.


Storm Dennis Mitts by Marie Bruhat

  • p158: Error with colours in key in printed journal (shows black squares).  Yarn D, E & F should be as per graphic below.

SWA Journal Vol.5

Oyster Gloves by Wilma Malcolmson

  • p151: Materials – Yarn G should be Osprey 238, not Oxford Grey 123 as shown
  • p152: Cuff – Increase Round – should be 64sts, not 62sts as shown
  • p153: Thumb – Pick up 9sts above and below waste yarn.
Halliara Spencer by Alison Rendall

  • p146: Interim Finishing – missing final instruction to cast off back neck stitches from spare needle.
  • p148: On chart B, row 27 stitch 11 should be knit, not yarn over.
  • p149: Chart C, the pattern repeat should start at row 19, not row 18 as shown.

Vegar Jumper by Barbara Cheyne

  • p128: Yoke – Yarn D should be used for two rows, not one as stated.
  • p131: Chart B, row 3, stitch 3 and row 4 stitch, 4 should both be Yarn E, not B as stated in the chart.

SWA Journal Vol.3

Nighthawk Slipover by Wilma Malcolmson

  • p149: On colourwork chart, row 19 – stitches 2 & 3 should be Yarn E (Surf 135), not Yarn D as shown.
Atlantic Waves Slipover by Anne Eunson

  • p132: Front, after neck shaping. Continue straight in stocking stitch for another 10 (10, 12, 12, 12)(12, 14, 14, 16) rows, ending after a WS row.

SWA Journal Vol.2

Brough Shawl by Donna Smith

  • p143: On Row 135 of Chart B, the orange-outlined repeat should begin a stitch later, after the yo. On Row 136, it should correspondingly end a stitch sooner. Corrected chart below.
Brough Shawl by Donna Smith

  • p142: Chart A had a missing symbol. On Row 15, work an ssk directly after the final yo, rather than a knit stitch as on the chart. Corrected chart below.
Hesti Hat by Ella Gordon

  • p135: In the written instructions, Round 1 of Crown shaping should be worked in Yarn C (FC47), not Yarn E as stated.
  • p136: On Chart C, row 8 stitch 6 should be worked in Yarn D (121), not Yarn A as on the chart. Corrected chart below. 

SWA Journal Vol.1