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  • £1000 - Deposit Due immediately to secure your place on the trip
  • £2990 - Final Payment due 4 months prior to the trip starting

Paid in two separate instalments.

£3990 per person

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  • £1000 - Deposit Due immediately to secure your place on the trip
  • £2490 - Final Payment due 4 months prior to the trip starting

Paid in two separate instalments.

£3490 per person

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2025 Tour Dates

This popular tour is truly is a great opportunity to explore Shetland in an authentic way and relaxed pace.

This tour includes a combination of some of the finest coastal walks in Shetland with some of the best local guides and knitting classes led by expert Shetland tutors. 

Our immersive tours are designed to give an insight into Shetland’s knitting traditions and local textile industry. Each trip offers a carefully planned blend of workshops and classes aimed at opening up the world of Shetland knitting, with walks and excursions to explore and appreciate the landscape and history of our islands. You will visit some of Shetland’s most scenic locations and sample delicious local produce too. All with the locals, like locals

Explore Shetland in an authentic and relaxed pace

Trip Highlights

  • Visits to local crofters to learn about Shetland Sheep in their native environment
  • A visit to the Sandness spinning mill, home of Jamieson’s of Shetland yarn
  • A visit to Jamieson & Smith where we will learn about the art of wool sorting and grading
  • A boat trip to Mousa & a walk to Mousa Broch
  • A circular walk in Eshaness, Shetland's ancient volcano
  • A walk in Culswick
  • A visit to Sumburgh Head Nature Reserve and Visitor Centre
  • A visit to Jarlshof
  • A moodboards class with Joanna Hunter
  • A natural wool dyeing class with Donna Smith
  • A Fair Isle class with Donna Smith
  • A Shetland lace class with Anne Eunson
  • A Fair Isle yoke tips class
  • Ella Gordon‘s knitwear collection talk & trunk show
  • An introduction to the history of Shetland textiles and knitting talk
  • Excursions to many Shetland spectacular places and areas of interest such as Northmavine, South Mainland, Westside or Bressay
  • Many Shetland yarn and knitwear shopping opportunities
  • We will start our day with a visit at Ronnie Eunson’s Uradale organic farm, to learn about Shetland sheep in their native environment and to draw some inspiration from Shetland’s spectacular scenery. There will also be an opportunity to purchase their Uradale organic yarn.
  • For our next adventure we will travel south, to Hoswick, to take a short boat trip to Mousa. Mousa is a small island, uninhabited since the 19th century, and it is known for the Broch of Mousa - an Iron Age round tower. It is the tallest broch still standing and amongst the best-preserved prehistoric constructions in Europe, built c. 100 BC. Mousa is also designated as a Special Protection Area for storm petrel breeding colonies. 
  • Walk & packed lunch.
  • After we leave Mousa we will travel to Scalloway, Shetland's ancient capital, to join local knitwear designer Joanna Hunter, for a workshop focused on developing mood boards and playing with colour. Joanna, who runs a successful knitwear business, will lead us through the processes she uses to design her collections and colour palettes, and she will show us how to see colour in a new way. We will then have a go ourselves.

Westside, Jamiesons, Culswick, Jamieson & Smith & Vintage Shetland Knitwear with Ella Gordon


  • After breakfast we will head to the Westside of Shetland. Our first stop will be in Bixter, at Marion Anderson’s Breckenlea Croft and Shetland pony Stud to see her Shetland sheep, ponies and sheepdogs.
  • Then we will head to Sandness to visit the Jamieson’s of Shetland Spinning Mill*, where their yarn and knitwear is made. We will be given a tour of the factory and we will learn about the full process of yarn and garment production including grading, scouring, dyeing, spinning, knitting and linking.
  • In the afternoon we will enjoy a wonderful walk in Culswick. Culswick is a truly stunning little corner of Shetland and in addition to walking along some fine coastline we will also have an opportunity to visit another broch.
  • We will then head back to Lerwick and we'll stop briefly at Jamieson & Smith Shetland Woolbrokers to stock up on yarn.
  • To finish our day, after a delicious home-cooked dinner, we'll meet Ella Gordon and learn about her fabulous Shetland knitwear collection. 

Uradale, Mousa, Scalloway & Moodboards with Joanna Hunter


Independent travel to Shetland with an airport ferry pick-up. Meeting at 6.30pm for a welcome dinner. 

We will go over our planned itinerary and talk about the days ahead. There will also be an introduction to Shetland textile heritage and tradition. Bring your knitting with you!

Arrival & Welcome

Day 1

Full Itinerary

*Please note that Jamieson's is a working mill so a tour of the factory is not always possible. If this is the case an alternative programme will be provided.

  • This morning we will head to Northmavine, which has some of the most spectacular coastal scenery in Shetland. We’ll take a walk at Eshaness, blasted by the full force of the North Atlantic, which displays a stunning array of stacks, blowholes and geos (narrow inlets). The peninsula also tells a fascinating story of a long extinct volcano and a very different past environment.
  • In the afternoon we will return to Lerwick and learn about natural wool dyeing with Donna Smith. Natural dyeing is a long and interesting process, which starts with gathering plant material. The plants are then simmered for several hours and left to cool overnight. Next the yarn is added to the dye bath and simmered to transfer and set the colour. Donna uses plants that grow readily on her croft such as dock weeds, nettles or rhubarb. 
  • In our practical class we will experiment with plant dyeing too.

Northmavine, Eshaness Ancient Volcano & Natural Wool Dyeing with Donna Smith


  • In the morning we will explore the South Mainland. We will start with a visit to Jarlshof, the best known prehistoric archaeological site in Shetland, where we’ll get a taste of the fascinating prehistoric and Norse settlements discovered at this single site and learn about the people who lived here.
  • Then we will walk to Sumburgh Head Lighthouse and Nature Reserve, one of Britain’s most accessible seabird colonies. Here we will enjoy the spectacle of thousands of seabirds including puffins, fulmars, guillemots and shags. 
  • We will then continue to the isle of Burra, where Donna Smith lives. Donna was the Shetland Wool Week 2015 patron and the iconic Baa-ble hat designer.
  • We will look around Donna's croft and we'll also learn about her designer practice, as well as the story of the wonderfully squishy Langsoond yarn. 
  • Inspired by the colours around us, we will then enjoy a ‘Shades of Shetland’ workshop with Donna. We will look at several examples of Fair Isle garments and swatches and will discuss the various ways colour can be used in pattern design. 
  • Using a photograph of Shetland and a corresponding colour palette of yarn, Donna will guide us through knitting a traditional Fair Isle swatch with the colours taken from the locally found inspiration source. 
  • Let your knitting be inspired by the colours and shades of the Shetland landscape!

Sumburgh Head, Jarlshof, Burra & Shades of Shetland with Donna Smith 


  • On our last morning we will learn about traditional Shetland lace with Anne Eunson. Anne hails from many generations of Shetland lace knitters and her Shetland lace knitted fence around her front garden in Burra became a sensation. 
  • In Anne's class we will be knitting a small Shetland Lace sampler/wall hanging. You will get to choose between a simple or intricate pattern, depending on your knitting skills.
  • Lunch and tour ends.



  • We will start the day with Janette Budge who will share her tips on how to blend colours and shape yokes in traditional Fair Isle knitting during the Fair Isle yoke tips class.
  • After the class we will make a short ferry crossing to Bressay, where we will visit Chris Dyer’s Garths Croft. We will have an opportunity to see Shetland sheep in all their natural shades.
  • Chris is also an archaeologist, so after visiting the croft, we will take a walk and learn about Shetland’s landscape and archaeology. Shetland is an archaeological paradise, not only for professional archaeologists, but for anyone interested in the human history, as it has been inhabited for over 6,000 years.
  • Another delicious, this time farewell, dinner.

Fair Isle Yokes, Bressay, Garths Croft & Learning to Read Shetland Landscape


*Please note that travel to and from Shetland is not included in the price.

  • Six nights accommodation in a centrally located super cosy and newly refurbished traditional house in Lerwick
  • Deliciously healthy breakfasts, packed lunches with fresh home-baked cake, tea/coffee & snacks during the day and "Sensational Secret Shetland Supper" evening meals 
  • Transport within Shetland
  • Knitting classes led by Shetland expert tutors, most of them will be held at the SWA creative space in the very heart of Lerwick's historic lanes. 
  • All visits as detailed in the itinerary
  • The services of a tour manager
  • The services of qualified Shetland tour guides 
  • Knitting materials
  • A gorgeous Shetland goodie bag

Pricing Includes

  • £1000 - Deposit Due immediately to secure your place on the trip
  • £2990 - Final Payment due 4 months prior to the trip starting

Paid in two separate instalments.

£3990 per person

OPTION 2 - Private Room Price

  • £1000 - Deposit Due immediately to secure your place on the trip
  • £2490 - Final Payment due 4 months prior to the trip starting

Paid in two separate instalments.

£3490 per person

OPTION 1 - Shared Room Price

Tour Details

After our busy days, you can look forward to the "Sensational Secret Shetland Suppers”. Elizabeth crafts these meals especially for us, using fresh, locally sourced ingredients, offering a delightful and unique culinary experience. After dinner you can unwind, relax and knit together with a cup of tea or a glass of wine with your new knitting friends.

Aald Harbour House is the perfect haven for your Shetland Wool Adventure.

Aald Harbour House is a charming and recently renovated home conveniently located near Lerwick's seafront, just a short walk from Commercial Street. Its traditional architecture and weathered stone walls are typical for the historic lanes of the town. Inside, you'll find comfortable bedrooms and tasteful decor that combines modern amenities and art with traditional elements. 

Elizabeth, the dedicated caretaker of the house and a local food enthusiast, ensures exceptional hospitality during your stay. Her culinary talents shine as she prepares deliciously healthy breakfasts and packed lunches, complete with freshly baked cakes, perfect for fuelling a day of knitting and exploring Shetland. 

Where We're Staying

For more information please email


The walks range in length from 2-5 hours (5-8km). Our routes generally include some hills and possibly walking close to cliffs and the participants are expected to be generally fit and in good physical condition. The terrain can be uneven and the ground can be wet. Although walking in Shetland does not include a significant elevation gain the conditions can sometimes be challenging and the weather can be fairly changeable. 


We have a team of talented and experienced Shetland tutors who have a wide range of textile knowledge and expertise.

Our guides are professionally trained, accredited and insured and they are members of STGA (Scottish Tour Guides Association).


We reserve the right to make small changes to the tour where practical.


We keep our groups size small, with a maximum number of 6 participants, to ensure quality and individual attention.

Our expert tutors and guides are always on hand to help you and provide you with help, advice and insightful information, all backed up by years of experience. 

We pride ourselves in a truly individual and personal approach to ensure you have the best possible experience.


Details & Important Notes

The food on our holiday is prepared by local chefs, who are passionate about using local produce to create delicious and balanced meals each day. We make sure all meals are healthy as well as tasty, and we’ll make every effort to accommodate any dietary needs you may have.