Get to know Shetland like an islander. 
The beauty and harshness of everyday life. 
The rich heritage & crafts that sustain its inhabitants.

‘I travelled up to Shetland and left my heart behind’


At the northernmost point of Scotland, where Oslo is closer than London, you are drawn in by Shetland’s myth and mystique.

You’re often curious to know what it feels like at the end of the world. And understand a place where inhabitants have continually shown such versatility and resilience. 

Explore native secrets, hiding in the nooks and crannies of the landscape. And get closer to the crafts and industries that have thrived in such a remote environment.

Another step further into the wild

Shetland Wool Adventures group knitting & hiking tour guest

Ankie from the Netherlands

“You will experience the real Shetland, from south to north, from Lace to Fair Isle. Misa is a wonderful tour guide!”

‘Rekindling my curiosity’

Return home with a deepened understanding of the world of Shetland wool. And the skills to create even more beautiful knitwear.

Thoughtfully unpick all there is to know about colour-blending, Fair Isle, Shetland lace, dying and vintage knitwear.

In each knitting masterclass, you will be met at your own level, with different project options for novice and experienced knitters, alike. 

You will knit alongside some of the islands’ top tutors — the likes of Donna Smith, Elizabeth Johnson and Niela Kalra — in a series of generously designed, bespoke experiences for Shetland Wool Adventure tours. In this supportive environment, you will be given the space to get all your stitching queries answered by the experts, too.

And of course, there is time to knit and natter at the end of the day, with your fellow Adventurers and your feet up.

Unequalled experiences


The cosiest blend of local guiding, tales, nature, knitting, Fair Isle & food

Shetland tours for curious travellers & knitting enthusiasts

Group knitting tour guest 

Anne from Delaware, USA

“I think Misa's biggest asset is Misa. Honestly, I think her biggest selling point is herself. She's just a remarkable person. She's a very giving person. A very warm person. 

She has made friends with or is involved with a lot of the people in Shetland that you want to hear from or learn from. And so she can put those types of educational opportunities together. And they are opportunities that you cannot find anywhere else. That's a huge strength I think.”

One-of-a-kind workshops

There are few places in Britain where you can see the whole garment-making process and learn to do that yourself, within a 35-mile radius.

This is your invitation to connect with the crofters and knitters involved at every stage. And experience a refreshing level of intimacy you’d miss on a self-led holiday.

From caring for Shetland sheep — learning about flocks in their native environment, led by a traditional shepherd — to sorting and grading the yarn: you’ll be invited inside the Sandness spinning mill, home of Jamieson’s of Shetland yarn. 

Walk with us along the path from raw material to finished product. A journey so integral to sustaining our little group of islands. 

Become more connected to the yarn as it moves through your fingers


Shetland Wool Adventures group knitting & hiking tour guest


“It exceeded any expectations I had. The people I met – knitters, designers, historians, crofters, wool folk all – were so knowledgeable and generous sharing their knowledge and experience. 

I would never have been able to meet such a group by myself and it was so rewarding to be able to ask questions I’ve pondered about for ages. 

I’m not usually a fan of organised tours but if you are interested in Shetland knitting and tradition this is a must. I cannot recommend it enough.” 

Delightfully illuminating conversations

Unearth Shetland’s traditions that women have famously upheld through necessity for generations.

Dive into the Shetland Archives and Museum. And wander through Unst Heritage Centre’s famous lace collection. 

Then, hear stories of smugglers and whalers, amidst the old closses and lodberries, with our 18th century walking tour of Lewick.
Exclusively on our knitting and hiking tours, you’ll journey to Norse settlements, weather-beaten cliffs and other sites of archaeological esteem. 

You’ll be given plenty of space to browse at your own pace — all our museum trips, mill viewings and walking tours will be led in our own private group.

From Unst to Sumburgh, get unique insight into our history, from the people who know these islands best. 

Feel connected to the pioneers of the wool industry 


And there’s plenty of it. 

From tea and cake throughout a workshop, to fragrant Shetland lamb and freshly caught fish. Enjoy the local produce, dining at Shetland’s most glorious eateries. 

And discover a few little gems you won’t find in the guide books. 

It’s all included in your tour. Of course, you’ll be accommodated if you have any dietary needs.

Don’t forget, wine with dinner is included too, so you can toast your busy day of new learnings.

Share tasty food to fuel busy hands


Shetland Wool Adventures group knitting tour guest


“Amazing tour! Misa is a true local!!! She has organised a wonderful tour hitting ALL of the high notes of Shetland! This tour was arranged with precision and joy! I had a great time and Misa orchestrated everything beautifully! 

Could never have stumbled on everything she did on my own!! Thanks Misa!”

Seeing what the tourists miss

Get the lay of the land. From the perspective of a local. And as comfortably as if a friend was driving you around. So there’s no need for you to worry about car rentals or bus timetables. 

You’ll soak up all their gems of wisdom along the drive, between activities, from our guides. They’re all insured, and accredited by the Scottish Tour Guides Association (who all live on Shetland too). 

Let us sweep you along on the ride — a relaxed pace to soak up your surroundings.

Sit back & let the agenda unfold


Get to know these designers and knitters on a personal level. And learn in an intimate setting, nestled in the iconic lanes of Lerwick, at Shetland Wool Adventures’ very own creative space.

Usually, if you want to be a part of these unique workshops, you’re holding your breath for a saved seat. And then you’ve got to compete for dinner reservations, or somewhere to rest your head at the end of the day as well.

Now, with a Shetland Wool Adventures tour, you are able to escape the usual hustle for bookings. All our workshops are always private and pre-booked for you. And each tour is thoughtfully scheduled, so as not to coincide with any other Shetland festivals or major events.

Be a part of a unique and intimate learning experience, with group sizes of no more than 8 people per tour. 

Avoid the crowds & queues

Even the tea & cake is included

Book yourself a spot and get your accommodation, activities, your meals, tea and cake, wine, transport all sorted. You’ve just got to get here. And we’ll swiftly take care of the rest.

Group knitting tour guest 

Jerry from Leiden, the Netherlands

"I travel alone so there is always a nervousness about who to meet. I’m quite shy too. I was intimidated by the idea of being there with new people. But I think there was enough room on the tour that you could do things on your own. So it isn't that you were with people all the time. There was an hour or two before dinner for you to go into town to explore.

I think that the classes I did were pitched to enable everyone. So it was a really supportive group because there were knitters of lots of different abilities. I could knit and I could knit colour-work, but I can't hold my yarn properly actually. So, because the group was small, Donna Smith came over and showed me how she does it and that was amazing."

Feeling welcome as a solo traveller

A month before you set off, we will send you a packing list, and any other necessary knitting homework to make the most from your Shetland experience.

Plus, you’ll receive details about where to meet for your welcome dinner with Misa on the first night — a friendly face to welcome you to your Lerwick home for the next few days.

We can’t wait to meet you!

There’s a warm meal & glass of wine waiting for you


Start conversations with your peers before arriving in Shetland, as we’ll add you to a private WhatsApp group a couple of weeks ahead of your arrival.

That way you can coordinate airport transfers and ferry crossings, if you wish. And you can have some company en route and arrive together, even if you’re all from far flung places. 

Get to know your fellow Adventurers


After your spot is confirmed, you will get a bundle of travel info about getting here. Keep an eye in your email inbox for this, so you can get all your ducks in a row, well ahead of time.

Then 90 days before you arrive in Shetland for your tour, the remaining balance for the tour is payable.

By sea or by air –
you choose


You’ll get more tour details by email, within 7 days of submitting your online application. 

You will also be given instructions on how to easily put down your non-refundable deposit (as spots do fill up fast).

If you want to go ahead, you can pay your deposit via PayPal or bank transfer — whatever suits you best.

Start your countdown


Fill out the application form below so we can get to know you, and where you are most curious to explore in Shetland. 

You can also let us know if there are any particular experiences that have piqued your interest, out of the tours currently featured on our website.

Get curious about coming to Shetland


5 stepping stones to know Shetland better


Make your safe and secure online deposit payments with our online payment processor. 

Your tour cost will be split equally, into four instalments. (Your final instalment is due 90 days before arriving in Shetland, but we'll pop you an email reminder a few days beforehand, just in case.) 

Get every travel detail securely locked in, ahead of time, so you can arrive in Shetland with ease and relief: you'll get a pack of info about travelling here in a welcome email once you sign up, including how to get to the accommodation from the ferry or airport. 

And should the world go haywire (again… but fingers crossed it doesn’t), you’ll be covered by financial failure insurance, that’s free when you book your spot on a tour, to make sure your payments stay safe, no matter what. See T&C here

Sign up to one of our knitting or knitting & hiking tours and get a beautifully curated bundle of locally made knitting materials, a project bag and a Wool Adventures goodie bag — something to take home and remember your experience by.

Every travel detail, pressed & ironed out

Enquire about a custom, private tour

See full tour details

See full tour details

If you’d like to hand-pick your textile masterclasses, come explore Shetland on a private, custom tour. Whether it’s you and some friends from your Fibre Guild or knitting circle, we’ll compose a tour just for you (6 people required).

What lights you up the most? The colourwork? The food? The landscape?

30th July - 5th Aug

30th June - 6th July

28th May - 3rd June




20th - 26th August

10th - 16th August

8th - 14th June




Bookings OPEN 28/5/24


Bookings open 28/5/24


Weave together a custom, private tour

SWA's knitting & hiking tours

SWA's knitting tours

Private, custom knitting tour guest

janice from alberta, Canada

"Five of us from our fibre guild wanted to go to Shetland. Shetland Wool Adventures offered us the flexibility to direct this adventure to meet our multiple fibre goals. 

Misa responded quickly to any questions we had. Her genuine warmth and responsiveness gave us confidence that she was reliable and would quickly look after our needs, versus a company that didn't respond in a timely fashion and gave us mixed messages to questions. 

The whole group often talk of this wonderful bespoke small group tour of Shetland as the best tour any of us have ever taken."

Before booking, no query was too small

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