“Misa’s tours are so well thought out, which allows her guests to relax and take in the world around them. I took the Knitting and Hiking tour, and I know I got to see parts of Shetland I would not have gone to otherwise. If you are able, be sure to sign up for one of Misa’s…”

“A tour you will never forget If you are a knitter and want a way to experience the Shetland Islands in a unique way then take this tour! The tour guide, Misa, takes care of every detail! She has created a full 6 day tour that gives you the opportunity to see the islands, to meet some of the delightful…”

“Misa certainly has an eye for detail. Great accommodation and meals, the best tutors, knowledgable tour guides and even entertainment after our last evening meal. Highly recommended.”

“The Knitting and Hiking Tour #2 of 2019 was a fabulous experience. The walking wasn’t too strenuous (in fact I could have gone longer and at a faster pace so I needn’t have been concerned about my level of fitness). The knitting classes were suitable for all levels although beginners might have some difficulty if they haven’t worked with charts. The days were jam packed. The restaurants chosen were all excellent…in fact it was a wonderful surprise at how many good restaurants there are. Misa didn’t stint on anything. If you can manage the time, I suggest spending a few days longer or in advance…we only scratched the surface. I was envious of one couple in our group who had booked a self-catering cottage for the following week. Misa showed us how magical and entrancing Shetland is.”

“Trip of a Lifetime! An absolutely amazing 5-6 days on Shetland. Well-planned and executed seamlessly every single day! Great balance of seeing and hearing all about Shetland, visiting local areas and museums and taking knitting classes with the top instructors in the world on Shetland fair-isle…”

“Exactly what I wanted and needed. Misa Hay has put together a perfect experience for knitters and wool enthusiasts who enjoy the outdoors, especially the spectacular beauty of Shetland. Her strong relationships in the knitting and fiber community have resulted in some marvelous classes, farm visits, mill tours, etc, and the hiking was in the most gorgeous places! And she is a master of details, from delicious meals in local restaurants to lovely accommodations, to snacks and all the right moments of the day. And all the home-bakes! Oh, the scones and clotted cream! THANK YOU for the exact adventure tour that I wanted and needed!”

“Professionally organized and a good mix of indoor and outdoor touring, knitting classes, and great food. Instructors and guides are top-notch. Accommodations are comfortable and clean. Highly recommended!”

“The Tour was very well organized, Misa is very professional ! The Guides were really good, professional and cheerful. Perfect experience!!!”

“Knitting and hiking tour June 2019 Exceeded all expectations!! I enjoyed every aspect of the Knitting and Hiking tour of June 2019. Every detail was well planned and organized from accomodations, tours, transportation, meals and hikes. The hiking was spectacular and well guided and the knitting workshops were well done and appropriate for any level of knitter. The hiking and knitting was a nice balance and I feel like I got to see the best of Shetland with still much more to explore upon a return trip. The restaurants and meals were all very good. A small group of 12 is a perfect number for this type of activity. I would do it all again in a heartbeat! Thank you Misa for an extraordinary experience.”

“This is a great tour with wonderful teachers it was very interesting to see Shetland from the north to south and east to west learning about the history of knitting, the country and customs and eating at different restaurants, highly recommend this tour small group setting friendly atmosphere wonderful guides.”

“An iconic knitting adventure. It was a privilege to be part of Misa’s Shetland Wool Adventure. The world class food, the funny, knowledgeable, charming tour guides (Gill and Deb), the classes with knitting legends and the gorgeous Shetland landscape exceeded all my expectations. I will cherish wonderful memories of my time in Shetland. Misa impressed in every possible way. Her vision, attention to detail and lovely nature make her Shetland Wool Adventure THE iconic knitting holiday experience.”

“Amazing in every aspect. The tour is impeccably organised and the quality of the visits, classes, and other activities is amazing. Our guides Gill and Deb are, for lack of a better word, unforgettable 🙂 Misa made sure everything was flawless and made us feel at home. I truly recommend Shetland Wool Adventures, you will have a wonderful time.”

“The opportunity to take part in so many workshops and meet so many of Shetland’s wool and knitting experts was a real privilege . Highly recommended.”

“A knitter’s dream tour. Ditto what Sheron said. I agree wholeheartedly that this was the best tour I’ve ever stumbled across, and it was because of Misa’s excellent organization and the wonderful people we got to meet and spend time with. Shetland is a gem and this is a terrific way to get to know it.”

“What an amazing week! I had high expectations and they were fulfilled in the best possible way by Misa. She is an incredible organiser and it’s easy to see that she is passionate about her job – wanting to give her visitors the best of the best. It was a week packed with different experiences in connection with Shetland’s history in all possible ways. The knitting classes were fun and all very different, showing the diversity of Shetland’s knitting tradition. In addition we were served wonderful food at all times, had the best guides and visited the most famous spots of Shetland. It made me want to come back and explore more.”

“Amazing tour! Misa is a true local!!! She has organized a wonderful tour hitting ALL of the high notes of Shetland! This tour was arranged with precision and joy! I had a great time and misa orchestrated everything beautifully! Could never have stumbled on everything she did on my own!! Thanks Misa!”

“You will experience the real Shetland, from south to north, from Lace to Fair Isle. Misa is a wonderful tour guide!

“Incredible Adventure! My love of Shetland wool and knitting design led me to Misa and her wonderful adventures! Misa and her helpmates were all so professional, even making my husband feel welcome for all activities except the knitting. He had a great time with the other two husbands and we both consider this the best tour we have ever taken. Hope to return soon to Shetland and would not hesitate to book with Misa!”

“Wooly heaven. I went on the knitting in Shetland tour in May this year. Whilst it was by far the most amazing guided tour I have ever been part of, there is more to it than just a tour. Misa is an incredible organiser, fun, thoughtful and always ready to go the extra mile. Her network of incredible people really makes this experience special and outstanding. She wants the best for her guests and the best for her chosen home Shetland and clearly manages to bring both parts together. That everything was taken care of made this week ever so relaxing and a real adventure at the same time. Thank you Misa, I will be back :-)”

“Fantastic week and would will be back. Amazing week in the Shetland Islands with a perfect balance between hiking and knitting activities. Great way to meet new people and a picturesque landscape and a heritage knitting community. Thoroughly can only recommend.”

“Five intense and inspirational days with Misa, her expert friends from the textile community and a fun group of happy knitters from around the world! I can only say WOW and THANK YOU!”

“Shetland Wool Adventures is the way to explore the rich heritage of Shetland wool from sheep to shawl while traveling the width and breadth of the island sampling food, culture and knitting expertise. What a dream vacation; yarn, sheep, knitting classes by experts in their fields, incredible food and traveling the width and breadth of beautiful Shetland without ever having to drive or worry about details. Misa at Shetland Wool Adventures has thought of everything. From a central location in Lerwick your small group will set out daily to experience unique people and places that you would not have access to without this tour. Pack an extra bag because you are going to need it to bring back all your yarn!”

“Five members of our Fibre guild did a bespoke tour with Shetland Wool Adventures. Loved the normal sightseeing tour part, the knitting and weaving courses, and the food. The accomodation, the organization, and Gill, the tour guide were all fabulous. Your passion and pride for Shetland’s people, geography and heritage was evident every day.The instructional courses were well timed, informative and so enjoyable. It was a thrill to learn from such internationally known instructors. Thank you Misa. You worked with us to provide a flexible, informative, very enjoyable trip that met our wishes and then some. It was a trip of a lifetime!”

“Shetland Wool Adventures is an amazing tour and I am so glad I participated. It exceeded any expectations I had. The people I met – knitters, designers, historians, crofters, wool folk all – were so knowledgeable and generous sharing their knowledge and experience. I would never have been able to meet such a group by myself and it was so rewarding to being able to ask questions I’ve pondered about for ages. I’m not usually a fan of organised tours but if you are interested in Shetland knitting and tradition this is a must. I cannot recommend it enough.”

“Going on the Shetland Wool Adventures tour was a great knitting experience. I have learned a lot of techniques in lace and Fair Isle knitting and I have also learned a lot about the Shetland Islands. Misa made sure that we experienced what Shetland has to offer culturally and showed us the textile craft of the islands. And most of all: I made new friends from all over the world in Shetland.”

“Shetland Wool Adventure is a once in a lifetime trip. The trip is outstanding and the friendships and memories are even better.”

“This tour is perfect for the passionate knitter interested in learning about the traditions, culture and skills of Shetland knitting. It’s also interesting for geologists, archeologists and birders. The balance of workshops, touring, eating local food and socializing is perfect!”

“Shetland Wool Adventures provides friendly action-packed tour of the landscape, wool industry, and food of Shetland interspersed with workshops led by local masters of colour theory, fair isle and lace knitting with plenty of time to shop for additions to your yarn stash. Highly recommended for knitters of all levels.”

“This is the perfect way to experience Shetland. A carefully planned blend of textile heritage, knitting workshops and touring with local experts made me feel that I had had the best of everything. It was all seamlessly arranged by Misa, and we were greeted warmly by everyone we met.”

“This tour was an incredible experience! Misa did a great job blending knitting with touring of the islands. And I am completely in awe of these knitters!”

“This tour is really a knitting intensive with education. we learned about Shetland culture and knitting practices, we had experienced instructors for lace and Fair Isle knitting, we had amazing and delicious food, the schedule was full, there was not a minute wasted which took advantage of our time in Shetland. The small group enabled everyone to get attention in class and be part of the experience. I am so appreciative of the experience.”

“The description of the tour is just the tip of the iceberg for what you will actually experience!! The days are full of learning about the history of Shetland, language and of course knitting! If you are feeling “on the fence” about signing up for this tour, don’t hesitate a moment longer. I’m so happy about my experience I’m having trouble putting it into words! Shetland Wool Adventures is a very special week filled with heritage, friendly Shetlanders and beautiful sights!”

“For me this was a trip of a lifetime and it went beyond my expectations. Expertly and thoughtfully organised. Misa has a knack of knowing exactly what you need just before you know yourself. I wouldn’t have wanted to see Shetland and its knitting heritage in any other way.”