Shetland Wool Adventures volume 2

In volume 2, you’ll dive into these extraordinary islands’ lace, ruins, festivals, and their dark history too. 

And, as always, 6 unique knitwear patterns, exclusively designed for Shetland Wool Adventure Journal readers. With illustrations and instructions to guide you.

For curious creatives who have a desire to feel the windswept coast of someplace new.

The light and the dark. Fire and water. The resilience of the island & the myths that lie in the landscape.

Where the North Sea meets the Atlantic, Shetland is a celebration of — what seem to be — contradictions. Yet you’ll see it is thriving with creativity. 

Inside the Journal

Inside Volume 2, you’ll unveil

6 new knitting patterns, 3 local walks, 2 articles about books from Shetland, a sprinkling of recipes, and 11 island stories, interviews, and some personal insights into the lives of the isles’ top knitters and craftspeople. 

Here are just a few of our favourites

New knitting patterns, photographed by Susan Williams & illustrated Lorna Reid

  • Atlantic Waves Slipover from Anne Eunson
  • Up Helly Aa Gansey from Rachel Hunter
  • Hesti Mitts from Ella Gorden
  • Nighthawk Slipover from Wilma Malcolmson
  • Hillside Handwarmers from Barbara Cheyne
  • Hamar Slipover from Linda Shearer

For this volume’s patterns details please click here. 

Top of the World

Deborah Lamb explains that it may not be quite all that it seems on Mousa Broch, one of Shetland’s most recognised visitor destinations.

Food and recipes

A Menu for the Lengthening Days: Marian Armitage’s glorious menu of Shetland produce will put a spring in your step! Salmon, beef and gooseberries to set the taste buds tingling.

A Trow, a Mermaid and a Spider’s Web

Douglas M Sinclair explains the mythic, magical and practical origins of Shetland lace.

Kate Davies Interview

Strength and beauty in endurance: knitting it all together. How she built her business from scratch. 

Shetland’s Darkest Days — the Clearances

The Highland Clearances are known for the cruelty shown to 19th century tenant farmers, who were expected from their homes and land. Laurie Goodlad looks at how the Highland Clearances affected Shetland.

The Origins of Up-Helly-Aa

Douglas M Sinclair delves into the surprisingly modern history of Shetland’s most famous festival.

Firing up the Sea in Clay

Louise Thomason meets potter, photographer and sea-lover, Ellie Duncan.

Journal reader from Norwich, England


My heart soars and flies away up to Lodberries, and stone steps that lead down to a small sandy beach lapped by the tide. I'm reminded of a wonderful week where the scent of warm wool — sharp and nose tickly — greets you in some of the shops.  

Even though travel isn't an option for me at the moment, through Misa's beautiful Journal I feel that I am still able to enjoy Shetland, and bring a little of that experience into my home through pottering over the stove with one of her recipes.”

"As I turn each page of the Journal, Misa's writing and photography, a blend of thoughtful words and pictures, transports me northwards. 

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Escape to a wilder, windier world

The Journal is more than just something to keep your hands busy. 

Like the way that knitting helps you escape the busy-ness of your everyday life, you can flick through these pages to feel transported to a new environment. 

It’s a treasure trove of places to go, people to meet, food to eat, and walks to embark upon. 
Think of the Journal as your guidebook to Shetland. But with richer interviews and more intriguing historical articles. So you feel like you know the pace before setting foot on Shetland soil.

Kate Davies

Scotland based publisher & knitwear designer

“Substantial in every sense of the word, this publication is a truly beautiful thing – a purposeful and joyous celebration of so many of the things there are to love about Shetland.” 

Just a fleck of gold in the open ocean, the Northmost point of Scotland is so full of life. The atmospheric photography from Shetland will let you live vicariously through the eyes of our wonderful contributors, all having lived on the islands, past and present. You’ll feel like you’re on a knitwear shoot with us. Or standing on the edge of the cliffs, salt on the tip of your tongue.

Explore the vivid landscapes of Shetland without getting your socks soggy. 

Open up a window to colour

A true collectors’ item

Whether you want to dip in and out of our limited volumes, or read cover to cover as soon as it lands on your doorstep. 

It’s truly a smart and re-readable addition to your travel bookshelf or crafts corner.

Made with stiff FSC-certified grade paper, and printed in the UK. Just bigger than A5, it’s easy to pop into your bag, next to your needles on a long-journey. Or if you want to share it with your fellow stitchers, at your next Knitting Circle meet-up (as long as they promise to give it back). 


Journal reader from Stamford, Connecticut 

“I keep all my issues in a basket I can easily grab for reference. I pour through them all the time. I may not read everything all at once, but I always go back to the basket.  

I keep them for the patterns and as a Shetland reference and look at them over and over and over again. They're timeless and inspiring.”


Journal reader from Calgary, Canada

"I worked in printing/graphic arts/typography in a previous life and I still like a freshly printed hard copy publication. The first thing I do is take a deep inhale of a freshly printed page - I love the smell of paper and ink! I appreciated your design aesthetic and the journals are beautifully produced.

The Journal is a wonderful way to sustain my love of all things Shetland. There is something magical about the place that you capture beautifully in the Journal."

For UK readers, your first (or next) volume will be dropping onto your doormat in 10 working days. 

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You can revive the colours of Shetland, even through the wind and rain.

A celebration of all things Shetland, through the eyes of a Shetlander. Plus…

A wonderful addition to your crafts bookshelf or travel library

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