Shetland Wool Adventures Journal vol.1 Preview

Mar 9, 2024

Explore the rich tapestry of Shetland’s knitting heritage with Shetland Wool Adventures Vol. 01 featuring four gorgeous Fair Isle Patterns.

Each creation intricately weaves a tale of tradition, inspiration and the timeless beauty of Shetland’s landscapes. From the historical resonance of Da Mirknen Mitts to the vintage allure of the Hesti Hat, and the cosy elegance of the Brough Shawl and Muckle Roe Gloves – these patterns reflect the essence of Shetland’s knitting legacy.

A quick preview of the wonderful Fair Isle knitting patterns you will find in Shetland Wool Adventures Journal – vol. 01.

Take a peek inside for beautiful Fair Isle Knitting Patterns, waiting for you inside Vol. 01!

Da Mirknen Mitts by Alison Rendall

These mitts feature a Norwegian star pattern, which became popular in Shetland around World War Two, owing to the influx of Norwegian refugees to Shetland. ‘Mirknen’ is the term we use in Shetland to describe the time of day when it starts to darken. The evening twilight – you just might need a pair of mitts!

Hesti Hat by Ella Gordon

This hat is inspired by traditional Fair Isle motifs and colours. I used bands of peerie patterns combined with shades like you see in early Fair Isle knitting but just that bit different (rusty orange instead of madder red, denim blue in place of indigo, etc), which makes it feel like a vintage piece of knitwear. It’s knit in the round, with corrugated ribbing and a seven-point star on the crown.

Brough Shawl by Donna Smith

This shawl is knitted in our Langsoond DK Shetland yarn, making a cosy wrap to be worn either scarf-like or draped over the shoulders like a shawl. The central triangle features the cat’s paw motif and is framed by a repeated leaf pattern, which is finished off by a garter- stitch border. Brough is the neighbouring croft to ours and where a large percentage of the fleece for Langsoond comes from.

Storm Dennis Snood by Marie Bruhat & Misa Hay

Back in 2020, we had an unforgettable stay on Fair Isle with Marie of Fair Isle Knitting Holidays. The stormy weather meant we were stranded – and provided the inspiration for this snood. The original snood was made on a knitting machine as my project during the stay. As it received so many positive comments and compliments, I asked Marie to help me to write a hand-knitting pattern so knitters could make their own snoods. You can read more about the full story behind this pattern here.

Muckle Roe Gloves By Julie Dennison

As you delve into the stitches and stories with these Fair Isle patterns, I hope you can feel the warmth of Shetland’s knitting community and the echoes of its rich cultural history. Whether you choose to knit the nostalgic Hesti Hat or wrap yourself in the cosy embrace of the Brough Shawl, each piece invites you to connect with the island’s traditions and landscapes.

Happy Knitting!

Let your needles dance to the rhythm of Shetland, creating not just garments but a tangible link to the past, a celebration of craftsmanship, and a testament to the enduring beauty of Fair Isle Knitting.

Photography by Susan Williams
Garment illustrations by Lorna Reid
Photo location Lerwick


Alison Rendall

Ella Gordon

Donna Smith

Julie Dennison

As you can see there are some beautiful Fair Isle Knitting patterns waiting for you inside Vol. 01. Not only that, there are many many interesting features, stories, walks, recipes and stunning photography, all inspired by Shetland. 

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