Postcards from Shetland – Winter Wonderland

Feb 12, 2021

There is something so beautiful about Shetland when the sun comes through after wintery showers. The way the light reflects off the snow. The way the fresh snow crunches under your feet.

We have been a little luckier with the snow this year – as has the rest of Scotland, we are so used to sleety snow mixed in with relentless gales and rain. It has been different this year. We have been lucky to experience lasting snow that has been accompanied by beautiful, blue skies as the days begin to get longer. When night does come it has been so clear, the northern lights have danced through to accompany the bright stars dotted throughout the sky.

There is so much happening right now, between the business and current circumstances, that it has been so refreshing to welcome this bright weather and the snow. Snow does bring joy, and it has done for generations and it will for generations to come, we all enjoy it as kids but as we grow older we find new ways to enjoy it as we appreciate the beauty of the world around us. However, even the joys of the snow as a kid can be enjoyed now.

This past week I went sledging to break up my work day and that was something which felt pretty surreal for me for a number of reasons: I haven’t sledged since I was maybe 12. I have always worked jobs and been stuck to a desk during snowy days. I am juggling home-schooling with Shetland Wool Adventures and launching my new publishing business, 60 North Publishing. While it is all so challenging I do realise how special it all is at the same time and I have cherished these moments. 

I truly have been so grateful for these four weeks of weather as it brought calmness when everything is going at 100mph. A chance to reflect and take in what is happening around me.

It has brightened up this winter. 

One of my favourite places when I am walking through the town is Lerwick’s south end with its beautiful seafront and the historic lodberries. With the weather forecasted to change over the weekend I went on a stroll early on Friday morning to take in the crisp air once more. 

The famous lodberry, or more widely recognised as the home of Jimmy Perez…

And my favourite Bains beach.

It truly has taken me aback how at peace the weather can make you. I have appreciated the opportunity to take everything in and slow things down a little.

Don’t you love the cold blue tones contrasting with the muted colours of the winter landscape?

The lochs freeze over right across the Isles.

Some colour comes through – a change from the whites and blues that we have been blessed with this past month.

I found time to enjoy some al fresco after sledging treats…

An opportunity to reflect. Truly an amazing moment that words cannot do justice to. I wish you could have experienced it with me. 

Beautiful blues in Culswick and Weisdale.


Brisk whites – caught in a blind moorie, the Shetland word for blizzard. 

A magical few weeks indeed…

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  1. Helen says:

    You live in a truly beautiful place. I very much enjoy looking at the wonderful photos you post. Thankyou 😊

  2. Fan in California says:

    Thanks for sharing all those lovely photos and allowing us to vicariously enjoy the gorgeous weather along with you!!

  3. Jennifer says:

    What beautiful photos, of such a beautiful place. They’ve lifted my spirits. Thank you.

  4. sudeshna bandyopadhyay says:

    Spent a good part of today evening sitting next to the fireplace and enjoying beautiful Shetland through your photographs. You live in a magical place. Hope to travel with you on one of your tours sometime in the not too distant future.

  5. Suzanne Hartman says:

    I dream of returning to Shetland for an extended visit. During a month long trip to Scotland a friend and I traveled the length and width of Shetland.

    Your Postcards from Shetland take me back to that amazing island. My heart is beside you as each incredible scene is captured by your camera lens.

    Thank you for sharing your talent of dreaming a new reality with us.


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