These are the things that inspire me. Find postcards from each colourful season. Happenings at home. Interviews with farmers, foragers and fishermen. And all the little things that make Shetland a pinnacle of creativity.


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Explore the rich history of Shetland’s croft houses scattered across the islands – from their rustic charm to modern transformations. Witness the legacy of changing times and landscapes. Visitors that travel to the Shetland Islands cannot fail to notice the many croft houses scattered all over the islands. The landscape is still dotted with these […]

Image of an old croft house found on a travel trip to the Shetland Islands

As the season turns in Shetland, I find myself searching for my favourite nourishing autumn pumpkin soup recipe and warm woolly jumpers, and taking a few moments to reflect on the highlights of summer. The change of the season is palpable in Shetland, the hills come alive in a beautiful shade of purple as the […]

A ceramic bowl filled with delicious autumn pumpkin soup made from a favourite recipe

Enjoy this guided walking tour of St Ninian’s Isle, by Gill Nadin Photography By: Alexander Mazurov, Susan Molloy and Misa Hay No Shetland adventure would be complete without a recommendation to visit St Ninian’s Isle.  It is not an island in the usual sense. You can walk across it most of the time, as it […]

An image of long grasses and ocean, taken at St Ninian's Isle in Shetland

I spoke to Knitwear Designer, Kate Davies, owner of Kate Davies Designs (KDD and Co) who established her business in 2010, after a stroke ended her career as a literary academic at the age of 36.  Kate’s journey to becoming a Knitwear Designer While recovering, Kate supported herself by designing digital patterns for hand-knitting, established […]

Knitwear designer Kate Davies standing in front of a small stone house with one of her designs

The best coastal walk in Shetland (Hamnavoe Circular) written by Gill Nadin. Photography By: Misa Hay This article was originally published in Volume 4 of the Shetland Wool Adventures Journal. Gill has shared arguably the best coastal walk in Shetland, which I got to photograph back in 2022. Gill Nadin has lived in Shetland for […]

A image of the beach staring out on the Atlantic Coastline in Hamnavoe which is one of the best coastal walks in Shetland.

This refreshing summer drink recipe was written by : Marian Armitage Photography: Susan Williams While exploring Shetland, one can’t help but be enticed by the bountiful rhubarb plants that thrive in local gardens.  Officially considered a vegetable, rhubarb is embraced as a beloved fruit by many Shetlanders. Year after year, this wonderful plant emerges without […]

Tangy, refreshing, and deliciously fragrant, this rhubarb cordial is the perfect summer drink. Capturing the essence of the Shetland's seasonal ingredients

Enjoy one of the best walks in Shetland, written by, Gill Nadin Photography By: Alexander Mazurov Eshaness is an area of rugged, dramatic coastline in the north west corner of Shetland. The Eshaness Circular is certainly one of the best walks in Shetland. Its name means ‘ashy headland’, referring to its origins – the whole […]

A picture of Eshaness Lighthouse showing one of the best walks in Shetland.

A tourist experience dedicated to the famous Shetland TV Series. Written By : Laurie Goodlad.  This article was originally published in Shetland Wool Adventures, Vol. 01. Following in the footsteps of Jimmy Perez, experienced guide Laurie Goodlad, has developed a new tour based on the hit BBC crime drama. Now you too can join the murder […]

Image of a stone building and blue boat showing a famous location from a the popular TV series Shetland.

Knitting is a way for me to connect with Shetland’s history. As I work on my projects, I am reminded of the generations of women who came before me, passing down their skills and knowledge through the ages, teaching their daughters and granddaughters. In a world that often feels disconnected and fragmented, this connection to […]