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As the season turns in Shetland, I find myself searching for my favourite nourishing autumn pumpkin soup recipe and warm woolly jumpers, and taking a few moments to reflect on the highlights of summer. The change of the season is palpable in Shetland, the hills come alive in a beautiful shade of purple as the […]

A ceramic bowl filled with delicious autumn pumpkin soup made from a favourite recipe

This refreshing summer drink recipe was written by : Marian Armitage Photography: Susan Williams While exploring Shetland, one can’t help but be enticed by the bountiful rhubarb plants that thrive in local gardens.  Officially considered a vegetable, rhubarb is embraced as a beloved fruit by many Shetlanders. Year after year, this wonderful plant emerges without […]

Tangy, refreshing, and deliciously fragrant, this rhubarb cordial is the perfect summer drink. Capturing the essence of the Shetland's seasonal ingredients

The main idea behind ‘A Year in My Shetland Garden’ cookbook is to offer a collection of simple, quick and nourishing recipes for people who enjoy growing their own produce and cooking with it. To hold the cookbook in my hands still feels like a dream to me. After many years of thinking about it, […]

Our Shetland Wool Adventures tours are designed to give an insight into Shetland’s knitting traditions and local textile industry. Each trip offers a blend of workshops and classes aimed at opening up the world of Shetland knitting, with walks and excursions to introduce the landscape and history of the islands. We visit some of Shetland’s […]