About A Year in My Shetland Garden

Nov 16, 2022

The main idea behind ‘A Year in My Shetland Garden’ cookbook is to offer a collection of simple, quick and nourishing recipes for people who enjoy growing their own produce and cooking with it.

To hold the cookbook in my hands still feels like a dream to me. After many years of thinking about it, making plans, gathering ideas, researching, growing, experimenting, developing recipes, learning about food photography and styling, it was only in March 2021 when I started to turn my vision into something real. After working on many Shetland publications in the past, I felt it was time for something of my own.

I grew up in the Czech Republic and dreamt of having my own garden. When I moved to Shetland and my garden wishes came true, I quickly realised that it wasn’t going to be as simple as I had thought. Would anything actually grow here?

Whether you live in Shetland or elsewhere, have a garden, a small balcony or just a windowsill with some pots, I hope you will enjoy the recipes and find inspiration and useful ideas in this book. Perhaps next year will be the first year you grow your own salad leaves and radishes… Nothing beats that feeling! Or the taste…


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