Ever wondered what Shetland is like?

Nov 3, 2023

Now you can find out from the comfort of your own home. Take a peek inside Shetland Wool Adventures Journal vol.5

If you have ever wondered what Shetland is like, or what daily life looks like here, Shetland Wool Adventures Journal vol.5 will transport you to this magical place. Flipping through these pages gives you an opportunity to immerse yourself into island life and follow the rhythm of those who call Shetland home.

My love affair started in 1999 on a school exchange trip, where I fell in love with this place. And I know you will too!! Which is why I am so excited to share what is inside the latest journal and transport you to these wild and distant shores. There are many brilliant articles, features and interviews to look forward to, as well as stunning photography. 

Ready to dive in?

Silk, Wool, and Dreams: The Fabric of Education

Step back in time as Carol Christiansen unveils the lives of two 19th-century schoolgirls from Lerwick by examining two embroidery samplers. Discover what their 200-year-old stitches reveal about Shetland’s young girls

Born Survivor: Betty Mouat

Learn about the remarkable tale of Betty Mouat – a Shetland knitter who unwillingly became a Victorian celebrity, surviving a treacherous sea voyage that captured the public’s imagination. Her story was often misrepresented and mythologised by the press, turning her from a hardy, resourceful Shetlander into a suffering, romantic heroine.

Interview with Gillian Bridle

As a child, Gillian Bridle loved playing with paper. Dress-me dolls and cardboard theatres fired her imagination and offered endless possibilities. Today her striking monochrome paper cut designs celebrate island life. 

Sheep, Puffins, Patterns, and Photography

Embark on a photographic journey to the captivating Fair Isle, where rugged landscapes, puffin companions, and the art of knitting intertwine. Daniel Craanen shares summer memories from a special stay on this remote island.

From Canada to Shetland

Discover the series of fortunate events which brought Elizabeth to Shetland from Canada – and the adventure hasn’t stopped. Now an award-winning food blogger and competitive cyclist, she explains how the islands inspire her to create new culinary experiences

When Vikings Turned Norse: An Archaeological Wander in Unst

Join Gill Nadin as she finds some extraordinary pointers to the distant past during this walk on the east coast of Shetland’s northernmost inhabited island.

Curious to find out more about what Shetland is truly like, as well as the history and people that knit this community together?

You might have seen snapshots of life on these magical islands online, but details are breezed over, and you’re left trying to stitch together ho-hum snippets and one–dimensional soundbites.

Find a more authentic representation of what life there is really like for the people who call it home within the pages of Shetland Wool Adventures Journal Vol.05. 

Especially if you are curious to travel or find out what it’s truly like to live in Shetland. In this journal you will discover secret Shetland Island hiking trails, beautiful Shetland Island photography and more about this unique Scottish travel destination.


Volume 5 is available to pre-order now and is scheduled to come out at the beginning of December 2023. To pre-order your copy, click here.


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