Fair Isle Knitting Patterns Preview

Nov 1, 2023

Shetland Wool Adventures Journal vol.5 Preview

A quick preview of the wonderful Fair Isle knitting patterns you will find in the latest Shetland Wool Adventures Journal – volume 5. 

As I sit in my cosy kitchen, looking out at the first frost of the season, I know it won’t be long before I am reaching for my favourite woollen jumpers, hats and mitts. Looking for as many layers to keep the cold out as I explore the blustery landscape.

I know for many Shetlanders and people all over the world, the winter months are a quiet time to cosy up round the fire and knit woolly warmers for themselves or their loved ones. Which is why I am so excited to share the incredible Fair Isle knitting patterns in the latest Volume of Shetland Wool Adventures. I hope these bring you joy and warmth during the colder months, both while knitting and wearing what I can only call “beautiful works of art”. 

So if you are looking for the perfect winter craft project (and read), the latest Shetland Wool Adventures Journal features beautiful Fair Isle knitting patterns and photography. You can also escape, from the comfort of your armchair and enjoy some local walks, interesting stories, interviews, recipes and some personal insights into the lives of Shetland’s top knitters and craftspeople. 

Shetland is a beautiful and inspiring place and the Journal aims to bring a little piece of our magical isles to your home.

Take a peek inside for beautiful Fair Isle Knitting Patterns, waiting for you!

Greta Slipover by Outi Kater

A traditional Shetland stitch pattern has been adapted for this loose-fitting stranded colourwork slipover design, which is knitted with rich jewel tones of green, heathery brown and golden orange. The colours were inspired by the colour palettes of the 1930s and 40s. Though designed for women, this slipover would also work well as a unisex garment.

Fitchen Mitts by Ella Gordon

A bright and cheery pair of fingerless mitts, starting with a twisted and graduated coloured rib. They use five shades of Shetland wool: follow Ella’s choices or put together your own! The motifs come from a cut section of a jumper given to Ella by her friends in the charity shop, as they knew she would be inspired by it.

Noness Beret by Emily Poleson – Using traditional Fair Isle colourwork patterns

Noness is where Emily’s mother grew up, on a croft at the South Mainland of Shetland. Its headland once had a lighthouse (relocated to Mousa), which some of her forebears manned. In one colourway of this beret, Emily used green and pale blues, to echo our annual summer outings there as she recollects seeing the lovely greens in fields and blues in the sky, spending time with relatives and sauntering the coastline. The darker colourway is inspired by a painting by Ruth Brownlee, of the sea and sky nearby Noness during a winter sunset. Even though there winters in Shetland are long, we often see intense colours in afternoon sunsets which Emily has attempted to capture here, copying Ruth’s painting with the glorious array of Shetland wool colours we have available. Emily’s love of Shetland landscapes reflects through her work and for the berets she has used traditional Fair Isle colourwork patterns.

Storm Dennis Mitts by Marie Bruhat – a knitting pattern inspired by the storm that hit Fair Isle in 2020 

Storm Dennis came to Fair Isle in February 2020 during one of Marie’s knitting holidays, inspiring Misa Hay to create this intense colourway, which she based on classic Fair Isle motifs. Marie has adapted the eye-catching design into this elegant pair of mitts. To keep your wrists lovely and warm, they extend well up your arm, and have a simple opening for the thumb.

Photography by Susan Williams
Garment illustrations by Lorna Reid
Photo location Lerwick


Ella Gordon

Outi Kater

Emily Poleson

Marie Bruhat

As you can see there are some beautiful Fair Isle Knitting patterns waiting for you inside Vol. 05. Not only that, there are many many interesting features, stories, walks, recipes and stunning photography, all inspired by Shetland. 


Volume 5 is available to pre-order from 3rd of November 2023 and is scheduled to come out at the beginning of December 2023. Find out more about the journals here.

  1. Jen Maitreya says:

    I am very excited about issue 5. I want to knit all of these patterns!

  2. Bo Simmons says:

    Wow they are just fabulous and inspirational what I need to get me knitting again!

  3. Elizabeth Goodliffe says:

    Thank you for your preview of these beautiful patterns. I look forward to some special knitting time after the Christmas festivities. I will also enjoy reading your articles which will transport me to Shetland for my imaginary Shetland adventure. I look forward to receiving my copy of Journal 5 later this year. I subscribed a long time ago but I know it will be worth the wait.

    • Deborah Leggate says:

      Thanks for your patience Elizabeth, we’re delighted Vol.5 is so close and hope you enjoy it when you receive it.

  4. Liz Peterson says:

    Would like to try and knit the slip over – our mum was called Greta. Looks good x

  5. Angela M Axbey says:

    Looking forward to journal 5 and some new Fairisle patterns.

    Angela Axbey

  6. Annterese Reid says:

    Looking forward to issue 5. Looked our time in Shetland and it keeps us connected
    Annterese & Dave

  7. Margaret Grant says:

    Love the new patterns. Look forward to volume 5. Will be another good read.
    Thank you

  8. Marie says:

    I’m excited too. Really looking forward to this new volume.

    • Deborah Leggate says:

      Thanks Marie, it’s been a long time coming but we hope it’s worth it in the end.

  9. Synnøve Lang says:

    Love it all. Would like to try the beret, but the V-neck slipver looks very difficult. BRRRRR!!

    • Deborah Leggate says:

      Thank you so much Synnøve, maybe after the beret you’ll attempt the slipover. It’s a big beyond my skill level but I’m hoping to try more advanced patterns and see how I get on.

  10. Judith Pipher says:

    The patterns are so inspiring. The photography is grand. It makes me feel close to Shetland. Looking forward to volume 5.

  11. LYNDA KRYPCZYK says:

    Can’t wait to make all these. Love all the colours , very inspiring . Scenery is breathtaking too xx

  12. Jacqueline Hall says:

    Will this also be available in a PDF

    • Deborah Leggate says:

      Yes, once the hard copies have arrived and pre-orders sent out we will upload the digital version to our shop. PDF files for the patterns only will also be provided to those to purchase the hard copy. I hope that helps. Deborah


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