Starting a successful knitting business the Fair Isle

Apr 27, 2023

Meet Marie Bruhat, a young entrepreneur who fell in love with Fair Isle and set up her own bespoke knitwear business. In this interview, she shares her experience of starting a business in such a unique location.

But Fair Isle is not just about knitting – there’s also stunning scenery, a rich history, and plenty of opportunities to learn and connect with other knitters. Marie also runs popular machine-knitting holidays.

  1. gordonchqd says:

    Marie’s journey from France to Fair Isle is truly inspiring. Her passion for textiles and knitting shines through, and it’s incredible to see how she has built a successful knitwear business in such a unique and remote location.

    I’m particularly fascinated by her dedication to learning and mastering Fair Isle knitting techniques. It’s clear that she has not only honed her creative skills but also her technical expertise, producing high-quality knitwear with meticulous attention to detail.

    The idea of hosting knitting holidays in Fair Isle is brilliant. It’s a wonderful way to share her love for the island and its rich knitting traditions with others. Marie’s commitment to preserving and passing on these traditions is commendable, and I’m sure her guests have unforgettable experiences.

    Marie’s story serves as a reminder that pursuing one’s passion and embracing new opportunities can lead to fulfilling and meaningful endeavours. Her journey to Fair Isle is a testament to the transformative power of following your heart.


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